Shellie joins the women of Duck Dynasty and author Joneal Kirby for the event of the year!

Building relationships, sharing our homes, linking the hearts of women, passing our faith to the next generation
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The Stupid Virus Has an Antidote!

Several weeks ago, I brought y'all some interesting news that confirmed something I've long suspected: Stupid is contagious. At least these were the findings being released from John Hopkins Medical … [Read More...]


The Belle’s Barbecued Pecans

Hello folks and welcome back to the All Things Southern kitchen! We're making my Barbecued Pecans! They're a great munching snack for those football games. Here I'll walk y'all through the … [Read More...]


Cullen the Angel Boy

Hello folks, let's chat.. Before we officially file Christmas 2014 away, I feel it's important for us to gather up any loose stories from the season. Remember, if you don't capture the funny, it gets … [Read More...]

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